get paid for junk laying around

Tips For Gathering Enough Scrap Metal To Make Some Cash

Sure, recycling for the sole point of helping to save the environment is an excellent thing. However, there is nothing wrong with the motivation of cash to help inspire you to get more involved. To help you make as much money as you can by taking metal to your local scrap yard, you will want to keep reading.

Post Flyers On The Advertisement Boards Throughout Town

Take a look around town to see if there are any advertisement boards where people will post business cards, lost pet flyers, and other information. Some of the places that you might be able to find these include the grocery store, library, laundromat, post office, and even at some gas stations. All you need to do is create and print a small flyer stating that you are offering the free service of scrap metal pickup. Not everyone wants to go to the recycling center on their own and would much rather someone else do that work for them. You are providing them with a service for free, yet you will still be paid by the scrap yard. It is a win-win for everyone and it is a great way to acquire more scrap metal.

Take A Drive Through The Country

If you live in a rural area, or at least near one, there is a good chance that there will be some back roads that don't get a lot of traffic, but have a lot of scrap metal sitting along the sides of it. Some people will dump their old appliances, air conditioners, and other large scraps of metal because they may not know what else to do with it. If you can take the time to pick that stuff up, you will be helping to clean up your town and make some money in the process. You will probably have to make sure that you are first removing the coolant out of any air conditioners or freezers before recycling them, as this is generally the rule of most recycling yards.

Now that you have those tips in mind, you should find that it is going to be a lot easier for you to start making some cash at the scrap yard. Sure, it might not be enough to quit your day job, but there are people out there who have found it to be a lucrative way to spend some of their free time. You might make enough for a night out with your partner or spouse, or you might even make enough to pay one of you bills. The more you scrap, the more you will earn.

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