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What Costs Are Involved In Starting A Business Recycling Program?

Before you begin to plan a recycling program for you business, you may want to know what the associated costs are for starting and maintaining a recycling program. Here are some of the potential costs you’ll encounter, along with areas of savings that you may have.  Recycling Bins  Before you can start recycling, you may need to invest in recycling bins and signage to indicate what goes where. Some recycling services offer specialized signposts and stickers to go along with their bins. Also consider whether you have enough space in your office for recycling, or whether you need to clear out space or add additional space.  Recycling Pickups There are a few ways to do recycling pickups for a business. Many business owners decide to do a full-service recycling program. These companies will pick up your recyclable materials on a regular basis, sort them for you, and deliver them to the appropriate recycling facilities. This is a good way to go if you don’t want to invest regular manpower to sorting and delivering recyclables. It also cuts down on the extra work of correcting employees’ mistakes when recycling into the wrong containers. And a full-service recycling center is a great idea because not all recycling companies can accept all recyclable materials. But if you’re on a budget, you might decide to sort the bins yourself or recycle only a few types of materials (such as plastic and paper).  Employee Time It’s going to take some time for your employees to fully adopt a new recycling program. Consider the time spent training employees and following up to make sure that everyone is participating in the recycling program. It may help to invest in some incentives for employees who do a great job in the new program.  Savings It’s not all negative when it comes to the costs of recycling programs. In many cases, you can save a lot on your business waste program because you won’t have as much volume in the dumpster. This means you may be able to schedule less frequent pickups or opt for a smaller dumpster size. You may be able to avoid certain landfill taxes and take advantage of local and national incentive programs for business sustainability.  Understanding the costs of starting a recycling program can be complex; there are many sources of savings and expense to consider. Consider all of these factors when deciding whether […]

How Landlords Can Promote Cleanliness

If you happen to own an apartment complex or even just a few houses that you rent out, you may sometimes have an issue with renters maintaining the area. You want your properties to look good, but you also want them to be safe. That means cleanliness is a priority. A cluttered area makes it easier for accidents to happen and for bugs to infest the area. Use the tips below to help motivate your tenants to keep their homes free of clutter: Run a Contest A bit of healthy competition can go a long way toward keeping your properties clean. There are a couple of different contests you can run, depending what your financial status is. Run a yearly contest with the winner being the one who gets the fewest notices to clean up the property. Run a monthly contest with the winner being the one who meets all of the criteria you list, like mowing weekly, no toys in the yard, and so forth. Offer a rental discount to the winner, or maybe a gift certificate to a local store or restaurant. Provide Bins One reason that people tend to hang on to so many things is that they might not have a place to put the things they want to get rid of. When you provide bins or dumpsters for them to put the items in, you stand a better chance of your tenants throwing out the things that need to go. Offer recycling bins to promote greener living. Offer bins for specific items on specific months. For example, you might offer bins one month for old furniture and another month for old electronics. Coordinate with recycling centers so that you may even be able to profit from the recycled items. Keep Your Rentals Well-Maintained The nicer a place is, the more likely the renters are to want to keep it clean. You have to do your part by keeping the units maintained in such a way that all of the elements are functional. For example, if you don’t like furniture on the lawn, you might want to make sure that units have balconies or screened in porches that are usable, and designate them as areas where lawn furniture can be kept. Keeping your rentals looking nice is a great way to prevent a high turnover rate on them. When you have cash flow you can count […]

Why You Should Include Wooden Pallets In Your DIY Design

Whether you want to create a rustic or modern DIY addition, like a coffee table, bookshelf, or seating area, there are a few reasons you should include wooden pallets into your design. DIY home projects range from simple to sophisticated, and they can allow you to make affordable accents or furnishings that are uniquely you. So if you want to create a DIY bed, chair, bookcase, table, or even patio, here are three reasons why you need pallets. Cheap and Chic Pallets come in both used and new forms, and both are an affordable alternative to constructing your own using dimensional lumber and fasteners. But even though pallets offer a cheap building source that you can easily construct complex forms from, they still offer a beautiful material to manipulate with aesthetic design. Pallets can be painted with patterns, varnished to a rustic finish, lacquered with high shine, and married with other materials, like glass, plastic, and paper, for intricate designs. They can also be arranged by stacking, deconstructing, placing in horizontal or vertical arrangements for patios and privacy fences, or used as seating with comfortable cushions and pillows. You Can Get Creative From coffee tables to full-blown patios, pallets pave the way to easy do-it-yourself design. Though there are thousands of ideas online that can help you find a way to incorporate pallets into your next home improvement or design project, you can also get creative and make something unique with these affordable building blocks. Pallets are sturdy, economical, and already assembled, so you can use them in a wide range of projects both indoors and out. And because they offer a blank canvas for you to work with, whether you choose to paint, add onto or deconstruct, pallets are a great way to get creative with DIY design. Give Wood New Life By buying pallets at a recycling center, you can give old wood new life in a modern and responsible way. If you want completely new pallets, you can often buy them in different sizes and even custom orders at pallet dealers, where you’ll find recycled ones as well. Though not all pallets can be reused for commercial or even DIY purposes, the ones that can’t are often used for biomass fuel. So even if you’re using pallets in a DIY project, you can rest assured that when you’re done with your project, or want to get rid […]