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Making Money With Scrap Metal From Your Production

Businesses that use metal in their production process often have waste material that is part of the process. This is often considered scrap and is suitable for recycling. Finding a company to pick up the scrap and recycle it is not difficult, and with a little planning, you can turn that scrap into a little extra income for your business.

Materials to Recycle

Many different metals are good candidates for recycling. The market in your area may dictate what you can sell for scrap, but generally, steel, copper, aluminum, and brass are all good recyclables. Some blended alloys are also recyclable, but they are far less sought after for raw material, so you may need to find a niche' market for those metals. Raw metals are also more desirable for recycling then metals with paint, corrosion, or coatings of any kind on them, as these coatings must be removed before the metal can be reused. 

Scrap Pickup Services

Many scrap and recycling services are willing to pick up the material from your business location, but they may have requirements for how you prepare it. Often the recycler will want the material in a roll-off container that they can pick up and haul to the yard. They may want all the different materials in different containers, so keep that in mind. Separating the scrap may be harder, but if it means selling it at a fair price, it is probably worth the effort. Talk to the scrap yard about what materials you have and how they want them separated. 

Prices for Scrap Metal

With the changes in need, the price of scrap will change. If there is a high demand for the material that you are recycling, you will likely get a higher price for it, but it is a good idea to monitor the rates because the recycler will not always just up the price. Depending on the scrap metal recycler you are working with, they may notify you of price increases, but remember, they are trying to make a living just like you, so if they can get the scrap at the same price and make more on it, it is better for them. If you see or hear about a higher demand for a scrap material that you sell, don't be afraid to ask the recycler about the price increase. After all, if the demand is higher, other companies will buy the scrap metal from your business as well. 

For more information, contact a company that offers industrial scrap metal pickup in your area.