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Dealing with the Grease Coming from the Grease Trap in Your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen

Grease is a standard waste product in most commercial kitchens and restaurants, and cleaning the grease trap, while unpleasant, is a normal part of keeping the kitchen clean. Grease and other materials in the grease trap are often recyclable organic materials and can be recovered, cleaned, and repurposed by grease recycling services, and may be cheaper or even free to have removed.

Grease Recycling

Recycling the grease from the grease trap in your kitchen means collecting it somewhere. For large restaurants and kitchens, a unique dumpster provided by a grease collection service can be placed outside of your business to allow you to store the material. The collection containers can be placed in a spot that will enable you to keep the used grease away from the building and allows the grease collection service access to them when the time comes to pick up the grease for recycling.

Even when kept closed, grease recycling containers can get messy and have an odor to them, but you can use other grease collection and recycling options. Working with a grease trap maintenance service often resolves several issues with one visit if you are willing to pay for grease trap cleaning. 

Removal And Cleaning Services

Grease trap cleaning is often not a job anyone in your facility will volunteer for, so finding a grease trap maintenance service that will come out and pump the grease and debris out of the trap, then clean it for you can be well worth the expense. Pumping the grease trap out means the service takes the grease and organic matter from the trap to sell for recycling or to store elsewhere. 

These services eliminate the need for grease collection containers outside your business, and they are much more efficient as getting in, cleaning everything, and getting out. In a business kitchen, the speed can be highly beneficial, especially if the time the service comes to your business is during regular working hours.

Why Recycle Grease

Modern cooking grease often has a lot of fat in it that takes time to break down. Traditional dumping of the grease can create problems for the environment, especially if the grease gets into waterways. Grease recycling provides a way to reuse the material and feeds many different markets you may never have suspected. 

Once the grease is removed from your grease trap, the material is sent to a recycler that cleans the grease, and it is then used in things like animal feed, plastic manufacturing, and candle making. These additional markets use recycled grease in many ways, so it stays out of landfills and rivers and provides additional uses for everyday life.