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3 Things That Will Be Replaced During Laptop Refurbishing

Electronic waste makes up a large portion of trash that goes into a landfill every year, and it is easy to understand why. Electronics are perhaps some of the most frequently updated consumer products, and when new models come out, consumers are quick to toss their old units and go get something new. What most people do not understand is,most old laptops and computer systems can be refurbished by adding new parts to replace those that do not function anymore. If you choose to have your laptop refurbished, there are a few components that will likely be replaced. 

The keyboard will probably be replaced. 

Because the keyboard on a laptop is one of the hand-contact surfaces that is used the most, it is oftentimes one of the first components to have problems. Certain keys may stop working, backlit functions may fail, and some keys may get worn to such an extent that you can't tell what you are pressing. During computer refurbishment, you can almost guarantee that the laptop keyboard will be replaced. 

The hard drive will likely be replaced. 

The hard drive is almost like the beating heart of a computer. So many functions rely on a healthy hard drive to perform correctly. In an older laptop, the hard drive can be worn or contaminated with fragments of malicious hardware. Therefore, the hard drive is probably going to be replaced when the unit is refurbished. You can choose to allow a recycling center to take care of the hard drive for you so your information is not compromised. 

The USB ports may be replaced. 

USB ports on a laptop sustain a lot of wear and tear with everyday use. These ports can become damaged due to the internal components that can bend and break, and the longer you have been using your laptop, the more likely it will be that the ports have some level of damage. Therefore, it is quite common for these ports to be replaced during a refurbishing project. 

The power connection port may be replaced. 

Much like the USB ports, the power port or plug-in can become worn through repeated plug-ins. Not only will the port probably be replaced during refurbishment, but the power adapter may also be replaced with a new one. Additionally, the battery may also be replaced with a new one because most laptop batteries are only good for so many full charges.