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How Recycled Plastic Can End Four Socioeconomic Problems At The Same Time!

The United States deals with so many socio-economic problems. You would think with a nation as wealthy as this one, there would be no socioeconomic problems. Unfortunately, many of these issues fall by the wayside. Most notably, housing, homelessness, recycling efforts, and living wages are four of the biggest problems America faces. However, there is one solution that simultaneously solves all four of these problems. Here is more about that solution, and how Americans can incorporate it.

Collecting the Plastic for Recycling

First and foremost, the problem with living wages is resolved when people are hired to collect as much plastic as they can from wherever they can find it. The people are paid a very fair price for each pound of plastic they bring to the scrap plastic recycling solutions center. While many Americans experiencing poverty already do this with aluminum and scrap metal, such a program is not available for plastic. Additionally, this particular program would legitimately hire people as its actual employees, and not just scrap collectors. 

Recycling the Plastic into Walls or Bricks

All of the plastic collected can be shredded, heated, and molded into walls and/or bricks made of recycled plastic. These walls and bricks become the building blocks of new homes. This program takes the collected plastic and reduces the amount of plastic waste everywhere by turning it into building materials.

Building Extremely Low-Cost Housing and Housing the Homeless

After the plastic becomes walls and bricks, these plastic walls and bricks become building materials for low-cost, low-income housing. In fact, the houses are so inexpensive that they can house many of the homeless in this country for a few pennies a day. If the government backed the project so that the homeless could have houses of their own until they could get a job and pay the government back for the house's construction (which would still be incredibly inexpensive and completely attainable), the homeless problem would be solved.

Can It Be Done?

Yes, this project absolutely can be done. There is an overabundance of plastic flooding this nation. There are enough people desperate for decent pay to support themselves or their families that collecting the plastic for minimum wage or better can be done. Furthermore, other countries, such as Mexico, have already put such programs into action. Many people who did not have jobs or housing before have, can have, and will have housing now.