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Why You Should Include Wooden Pallets In Your DIY Design

Whether you want to create a rustic or modern DIY addition, like a coffee table, bookshelf, or seating area, there are a few reasons you should include wooden pallets into your design. DIY home projects range from simple to sophisticated, and they can allow you to make affordable accents or furnishings that are uniquely you. So if you want to create a DIY bed, chair, bookcase, table, or even patio, here are three reasons why you need pallets.

Cheap and Chic

Pallets come in both used and new forms, and both are an affordable alternative to constructing your own using dimensional lumber and fasteners. But even though pallets offer a cheap building source that you can easily construct complex forms from, they still offer a beautiful material to manipulate with aesthetic design. Pallets can be painted with patterns, varnished to a rustic finish, lacquered with high shine, and married with other materials, like glass, plastic, and paper, for intricate designs. They can also be arranged by stacking, deconstructing, placing in horizontal or vertical arrangements for patios and privacy fences, or used as seating with comfortable cushions and pillows.

You Can Get Creative

From coffee tables to full-blown patios, pallets pave the way to easy do-it-yourself design. Though there are thousands of ideas online that can help you find a way to incorporate pallets into your next home improvement or design project, you can also get creative and make something unique with these affordable building blocks. Pallets are sturdy, economical, and already assembled, so you can use them in a wide range of projects both indoors and out. And because they offer a blank canvas for you to work with, whether you choose to paint, add onto or deconstruct, pallets are a great way to get creative with DIY design.

Give Wood New Life

By buying pallets at a recycling center, you can give old wood new life in a modern and responsible way. If you want completely new pallets, you can often buy them in different sizes and even custom orders at pallet dealers, where you'll find recycled ones as well. Though not all pallets can be reused for commercial or even DIY purposes, the ones that can't are often used for biomass fuel. So even if you're using pallets in a DIY project, you can rest assured that when you're done with your project, or want to get rid of the left overs, recycling centers, like Brampton Pallet Inc Recycled Pallets, can put your scraps to good use.